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                                               Painting & Logo: Jack Langevelt ©2001

SURVIVAL is a Dutch Progressive / Symphonic Rock band, founded in 1981 by keyboardplayer & composer Jack Langevelt.

Inspired by classics bands like ELP, Trace, Camel, Ekseption, Procol Harum and Deep Purple, SURVIVAL brings epic songwriting and intensive passion back to the forefront with contemporary sensibilities, energy and production.

The sound of SURVIVAL is characterized by strong dynamic melodies with odd time signatures and epic themes.

Survival existed as a band between 1981 and 1997, altough Jack continued making music under the name Survival.

In 2008 SURVIVAL arose from its ashes and released their first official album CRUSADER on Musea Records.
This album was composed, recorded and produced by Jack Langevelt and recieved very positive reviews.


Presently(2014) SURVIVAL is back again in a new line up with Inez van der Linden as new manager(known for Rick v/d Linden/Ekseption/Trace) and a new Bookings Agency.


                    ABOUT THE ARTISTS And THE MUSIC:

                                                             Jack Langevelt
                            Photo: Y.Meester

Jack was born on the fifth of August 1954 in Rotterdam, Holland. In his early childhood he had warm feelings for classical music ( a.o. BACH, MOZART, CHOPIN). After hearing Air by EKSEPTION he fell in love with the music of RICK v/d LINDEN.
EKSEPTION, TRACE, THE NICE and EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER were his major influences. This Symphonic Music highlighted his favourite instruments: Hammond organ and piano. After he had some pianolessons, he studied at the ROTTERDAM SCHOOL OF ARTS. At the same time he started his musical career as a drummer in various groups and styles. In 1980 he switched to his first love: keyboardplaying in Symphonic Music. He formed his own group SURVIVAL. With this group(1981-1997) he developed his ideas in his own compositions which were a synthesis of classical, rock and jazz music. In 1997 SURVIVAL split up, but Jack continued making music under the name SURVIVAL For two years Jack developed a more intuitive style of music, played and composed only by himself. The result was the album THE FINAL CHAPTER(1999). For the next two years he was occupied creating his own Recording Studio(BJT STUDIO'S). With this studio he saw no limitations anymore for creating, composing and producing his music on a level that was more to his satisfaction. With the help of the vocalist Linda Maarseveen and guitar players Mario Roelofsen(PURPLE RAINBOW), David Dexter(from the UK) and Jan Peter Eerenberg(THIJS VAN LEER BAND) he recorded more than 30 songs.As a result he made 3 cdr albums.

The album CRUSADER, released by MUSEA in 2008, is the final and uncompromised result of all this work.

                                                Linda Maarseveen                                         


Linda Maarseveen was born the 12th of May 1961 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Quite soon it became obvious that she was a born singer.

As a child she appeared in various schoolplays and musicals.

At 18 she was the leadsinger in a local band. With this 4-piece band she performed
in Rotterdam and other Dutch places.
In 1983 she collaborated in a show on a Holland America Lijn
in the Caribbean.
When she was 25 years old she started a duo with a keyboardplayer
and with this duo she performed several gigs in Holland, Belgium and Germany.
She was discovered at the age of 29 by Linda de Mol(TV celebrity in Holland).
Linda de Mol heared her sing at a party after the TV show Love Letters,
where Linda Maarseveen was married in front of the camera.

The advise of Linda de Mol
was to participate in Henny Huisman's Soundmixshow
In the finale of this show(Dutch TV)she won second price
with a Shirley Bassey song and performance.
After winning second price the invitations increased and she did some local TV
and Radio.
Currently she is performing as a solo-singer and stand-in in various groups and bands.

Since 2001 she is the  lead-singer of the Dutch Progressive Rockgroup SURVIVAL...

Website Linda Maarseveen


                                               David Dexter


David was born 16\02\1985, presumably in a bed. Now 22, he started playing guitar aged sixteen – self-taught, which probably explains a lot. Even before his stubby fingers could form coherent chord shapes, he knew precisely what his musical aims were, and has spent much of the last six years or so refining his playing in an attempt to capture the songs he hears within. He freely admits that he probably hasn’t done it very well.

The acquisition of a guitar synth pedal finally took David into the realm he always wanted to compose in – thematic\symphonic rock, where it really is ok to do whatever the hell you please. Musical themes and melodies recur throughout David’s as yet unfinished album (currently titled Title X), and you really should buy it when completed; David likes money and pretties.

Aside from his synth, David plays a Jackson (it’s blue; David feels this is important) through a Morley Bad Horsie II wah pedal, Line 6 Pod XT Live floorboard and Vox modeling amp – various other bass and acoustic guitars can be found slutting up his playing area. His draws a distinction between influences and inspirations, having developed a gentle loathing for guitarists who carbon-copy their heroes without ever really learning how to play themselves – it’s melody, not technique; expression, not speed. Dave may love listening to a bit of the ol’ neoclassical shred, every so often, but still believes you’d rather listen to soul than diddling – he aims this mainly at the people who think that someone who taps is incapable of playing emotively.

He prefers to compose and play in his own style, drawing inspiration from hearing musicians who have absolutely mastered their art. Queen\Brian May, Shawn Lane, Pink Floyd\Dave Gilmour, Steve Vai, Rhapsody\Luca Turelli, Eric Johnson, Bon Jovi\Richie Sambora, Deep Purple\Steve Morse, Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Pearl Jam, Symphony X, Adagio, Led Zeppelin, AC\DC and Jimmy Nutmeg all nestle within his affections.

Dave joined the MySpace crowds and began to refer to himself in the third person, which is all the rage with the kids these days. He came across Survival’s music and instantly loved the epic feel of the chords and melodies. Jack, who owns and plays  approximately 8,000 keyboards, asked Dave to record some guitar for him. He went for it to such an extent that his playing forms the majority of the guitar work of the album Crusader.

Dave is grateful to Survival for allowing him to sully their music, but he won’t be satisfied until he has performed his songs with an orchestra; any takers?

Hope you enjoyed!

Website David Dexter


                                                 Mario Roelofsen


Born and raised in Hoek van Holland (The Netherlands), a place where lots of good bands were 'born'. One of them was called JENNIFER. A great band. The band played a lot of covers, one of those was the song 'Black Night', and Mario fell in love with that song.
He was 14 years old and played for about two years already. He started to practice for about 6 hours a day, 'till his fingers bled. He also studied two years on the
Rotterdam Conservatorium, but that was not his piece,  because he wanted to play live on stage instead of playing in front of a class. 
Very soon he was able to play all the things that Ritchie Blackmore played. Then he started to search for skilled musicians who also wanted to play the 'In Rock' stuff.  And so he started PURPLE RAINBOW.

Purple Rainbow is a tribute to the legendary rock bands Deep Purple and Rainbow. They, and especially guitar player Ritchie Blackmore, inspired Mario Roelofsen to form Purple Rainbow. And don't be fooled, Purple Rainbow isn't one of those 'cover' bands. Purple Rainbow is a real 'Tribute" to the one and only Deep Purple and Rainbow. A band that sounds 'as close as it can get'!

He very much enjoyed playing the song THE HOLY LAND for SURVIVAL.
“ELP  meets  DEEP PURPLE”, according to Mario.

Website Mario Roelofsen


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Adagio, dedicated to my sister Ank.

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Survival on Dante's Purgatorio!

The second episode of Dante's Divine Comedy, Purgatorio, has just been released by Musea. This 4CDbox contains 36 songs by 36 fantastic progrock bands from all over the world. See the Newspage  for details.

Album Crusader out now and worldwide available! For details: see the news-page

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The Final Chapter, album about The Apocalypse, still available!

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Survival on Radio Paperlate

On May 10th 2009 Jack Langevelt(Survival) appeared on Radio Paperlate (Nederpop Classics). With one full hour interviews and Music. Download interview (mp3) on downloadpage.


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