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Survival live @ The Bluescafe, Apeldoorn  01-10-2014 
With Jack Langevelt, Frans Muys van de Moer, Frank van Essen, 
Linda Maarseveen, David Dexter

                     Survival - Montgisard

New singer

New singer: Linda Maarseveen

August 29 - 2014

After the departure of Carolien Goeman we are very glad that Linda took her place as leadsinger of Survival.                                                                                

Linda was the original singer of Survival. Her voice was on the Con Brio/Crusader recordings. Welcome Linda!

Important News!

February 2013

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Adagio, dedicated to my sister Ank

My lovely sister Ank died of cancer Friday 27-11-2009.
She was very much involved in the making of The Final Chapter (1999).
Contacting the press, magazines and newspapers etc...
I dedicate the song Adagio from this album to you, Ank.
Thanks for everything and being my sister...
May you rest in peace...I will love and miss you forever!


Dante's Purgatorio out now!

October 2009            

SURVIVAL on Dante's Purgatorio

The second episode of Dante's Divine Comedy, Purgatorio has just been released by Musea. This 4CDbox contains 36 songs by 36 fantastic progrock bands from all over the world. Survival's contribution is the 9.53 min.track "Impressions". Click the album cover to order your copy today! 





The Musea label and the Finnish magazine Colossus endlessly continue their quest for the greatest universal themes, in order to complete their collection of concept-albums dedicated to Progressive rock. The hero of the day is Dante ALIGHIERI, the famous medieval author from Firenze who wrote "The Divine Comedy". That's precisely this epic piece of work, without a doubt one of the greatest books of all times, that serves as the basis for this new project. And of course, it has been divided in three parts: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. The first volume is made of thirty-four "cantos" dispatched on four discs (!), each one showing the personal interpretation of an international band, according to the rules of the genre: no drumboxes, the only instruments allowed are those of the mighty Seventies, the same as for the musical inspiration. FLAMBOROUGH HEAD, TEMPANO, LITTLE TRAGEDIES, COMBINATION HEAD, YESTERDAYS, NEMO, LADY LAKE, WILLOWGLASS, ARS NOVA, SINKADUS, BRIGHTEYE BRISON and GREENWALL are some of the groups involved... The second part, Purgatorio includes SIMON SAYS, NEMO, OZONE PLAYER, RAIMUNDO RODULFO, WILLOWGLASS, NEXUS, NUOVA ERA, SURVIVAL , LITTLE TRAGEDIES, PHIDEAUX, MAD CRAYON, LADY LAKE, FLAMBOROUGH HEAD, YESTERDAYS, EQUILIBRIO VITAL amongst others.

                  Listen to Survival's track "Impressions"(samples)

                              Album Artwork by Davide Guidoni

New Album Crusader

Survival's Progressive/Symphonic Rock Epic "CRUSADER", now released by MUSEA RECORDS. (October 2008)

       Album Artwork by Jack Langevelt 2001   

Track list:

 1 - The Holy Land (3'38)
 2 - Beauseant (2'15)
 3 - Lamentation (1'12)
 4 - Crusader (6'24)
 5 - Abide With Me (2'06)
 6 - Baldwin (3'21)
 7 - I Cried For You (2'25)
 8 - Exceptional Friend-(For Rick) (7'04)
 9 - The Knights Templar (2'58)
10 - Montgisard (10'27)
11 - After All (4'16)

On the Audio Page you can listen to audio clips from CRUSADER

The Final Chapter

THE FINAL CHAPTER (released 29 December 1999)


About the music.  

The Apocalypse, the last chapter of the Bible. A difficult book, the end of civilization as we know it. But also a book of comfort and redemption.

In the Middle Ages artists tried to picture the Apocalypse, in modern times however, artists don't bother much about the subject, especially in music. An explanation may be that most people aren't familiar with the book and what they know implies but death and destruction.  l have dared to make an album about the Apocalypse. From childhood on I was fascinated by the Bible and in particular the last chapter: The Apocalypse.

l have tried to put my feelings into music, a dramatic kind of music, due to the subject.

Music that contains classical, symphonic and spiritual influences. Listen and let the music carry you along.

        Album still available in the Webstore


On the Audio Page you can listen to some audio clips

Survival participates in new Project

Musea & Colossus Ry

Proudly presents

The Divine Comedy ? part 2

The Finnish Progressive Music Association COLOSSUS is planning to release a follow up to the 3 CDs box-set INFERNO (Musea FGBG xxxx). This new concept album will be based on the second cantica of the Italian Epic Poem ?The Divine Comedy?.

Here are some basic ideas of the project:

- The 33 ?cantos? of the PURGATORIO will be assigned to 33 bands. Each band participating to the project can choose one ?canto? and make their music inspired by it. Two bands can not have the same part so the first bands confirming their participation will have a better selection to choose from.
- The songs can be either instrumental or with vocals (also in mother language).
- Maximum length 7 min.
- All keyboards used on the songs should be original 70's instruments (Hammond, Mellotron, Minimoog, Clavinet, Fender Rhoades etc.) or be emulated with the best technology of today but no drum machines or programming is allowed!
- A retro, vintage, early 70?s feel is required (Genesis, Yes, EL&P, Gentle Giant, VDGG, Balletto di Bronzo, etc.)
- Each band participating will record their song by themselves. The deadline for the project will be January 2009 by which time the recordings on CD-R (non-mastered) should be sent to COLOSSUS.
- Each band will receive 5 copies of the printed 3 CDs box-set.
Deadline January 2009.

More information about The Divine Comedy can be found at the following page: wikipedia/The Divine Comedy


Purgatorio (line-up)



Track Artist Nationality Canto

  1 Nemo France 1
  2 Catzone Italy 2
  3 Pasini & Ragozza Italy 3
  4 Raimundo Rodulfo Venezuela 4
  5 Ten Midnight Italy 5
Disc 1 6 SoulenginE Italy 6
  7 Willoglass Uk 7
  8 Atlantis1001 Italy 8
  9 Wicked Minds Italy 9
  10 Sophya Baccini  Italy  10
  11 Nexus Argentina 11

  1 Nuova Era Italy 12
  2 Survival  Holland  13
  3 Little Tragedies Russia 14
  4 Armalite Italy 15
  5 Phideaux Usa 16
Disc 2 6 Simon Says Sweden 17
  7 Alex Carpani Italy 18
  8 Maxwell's Demon Usa 19
  9 RAK Switzerland 20
  10 Colossus Project  Italy  21
  11 Matthijs Herder Holland 22

  1 Mad Crayon Italy 23
  2 Amethyst Hungary 24
  3 Sinkadus
  4 Lady Lake  Holland 26
  5 Groovector Finland 27
Disc 3 6 Mist Season Finland 28
  7 Flamborough Head Holland 29
  8 Yesterdays Hungary 30
  9 B612 Venezuela 31
  10 Equilibrio Vital Venezuela 32
  11 Jinetes Negros Argentina 33


Video Clips

Two interesting, brand new video-clips about Survival's music.
The first one is an all musical sampler.
The second one a mini-documentary with interviews and news about the forthcoming album Crusader.
Both video's are produced by DSP Movies, a Ducksingel Productions company. (
See the Video page!

Important News!!!! New Band & New Website!

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Adagio, dedicated to my sister Ank.

Listen to Adagio here

Survival on Dante's Purgatorio!

The second episode of Dante's Divine Comedy, Purgatorio, has just been released by Musea. This 4CDbox contains 36 songs by 36 fantastic progrock bands from all over the world. See the Newspage  for details.

Album Crusader out now and worldwide available! For details: see the news-page

You can buy CRUSADER in the Webstore

The Final Chapter, album about The Apocalypse, still available!

See the Newspage and Webstore for details

Survival on Radio Paperlate

On May 10th 2009 Jack Langevelt(Survival) appeared on Radio Paperlate (Nederpop Classics). With one full hour interviews and Music. Download interview (mp3) on downloadpage.


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